Tourism and Cultural Traditions

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on 05 June, 2014

Popular traditions play a very important role in any destination. The values , beliefs, customs, ways of life create the identity of a community. In Costa Rica feelings for peace, democracy, good relations are inherited elements and very highly valued.

They also emphasize respect for the land, rural life, and customs of the people as the patron saint celebrations, processions and religious devotions. It should also highlight masquerades or parades, fairs fruits and vegetables, etc. . Held throughout the year in various parts of the country.

 The type of tourist visiting Costa Rica is more interested in natural attractions such as beach , mountain , however this interest has changed knowing a little of the natural and cultural . For example a combination of both are indigenous and Rural communities with beautiful natural attractions, tours and activities performed by historical, archeological sites, reflect the country's identity .

Costa Rica has popular traditions and expressions that no visitor should miss.

That's why we should all make an effort to inform, disseminate and create knowledge and awareness about the valuable archaeological , architectural and ethnic heritage with which our country .













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